Discount policy

The price that is established on all product available at our shop can vary as a subject of promotional campaigns such as discounts, seasonal sales etc.

SAVE% icon next to the initial price means that the initial price of the goods is reduced by some percentage. The SAVE icon can be applied to a brand new product for promotional purposes or, for example, adjusting the price of a product in accordance with the current market trends.

The SALE icon represents an actual discount from the original price. SALE is applied in such situations:

- Within seasonal sales.

-Discontinued products.

-Last in stock.


An annual holiday sale in December has been a tradition of ours for many years now. It is so that gifts can be purchased at a better price. All of the goods in our warehouse are discounted during the according period of time.

At the end of February, we are celebrating the founding anniversary of the store and at this time many of the goods in our warehouse are suitable for special discounts.